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El Paso resident arrested in Pornographic Ring in Juarez

A suspected pornographer who collaborated with the U.S. criminal network was arrested by state agents in Juarez.


arrested in Juarez on pornagraphic charges relating to Operation Sunflower!

arrested in Juarez on pornagraphic charges relating to Operation Sunflower!

His arrest was a result of coordinated actions between police elements of Mexico and the neighboring USA, as part of Operation Sunflower.

The Man arrested by State Police Single (PEU), Preventive Division, is an alleged member of an international network dedicated to child pornography via the Internet and child sexual exploitation.

Guillermo Abraham Ulloa, 32, a resident of El Paso, Texas, was arrested at 20:30 pm at the intersection of Giraffe, in the colony Safari and the PEU discovered he had a lot of marijuana whilst making the arrest there was a struggle.

He was homeless in Juarez, Ulloa and is linked too several countries as part of a network dedicated to the distribution of child pornography over the Internet.

In a statement released from the investigation made by the PEU they identified his name as boletinado in database ‘Platform Mexico’. Guillermo Abraham Ulloa is to be extradited at the request made by the state of Arizona, so he will be made ​​available to the Attorney General’s Office for extradition.

Operation Sunflower on the operation and in the framework of the cooperation between Mexico and several countries, American authorities recently reported the arrest of 245 people in central and south Texas, between November and December last year and the rescue of 123 children victims of sexual exploitation.

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Tijuana- woman arrested for prostituting her twin daughters

The mother beat and sexually exploited their twin daughters under age the father is imprisoned for abusing them

TIJUNA, – A woman who prostituted and beat her twin daughters 14 years of age was arrested by municipal police, thanks to a citizen complaint.


Tijuana- woman arrested for prostituting her twin daughters

Tijuana- woman arrested for prostituting her twin daughters

The area of Domestic Violence Corporation reported that police received a report that two children were prostituted by her mother, named Maria Guadalupe Arevalo Solorio, 39.

After locating the place indicated by the report, the police moved and arrested the individual accused of the crime of sexual exploitation to the detriment of the two children.

One of the twins told authorities that her biological father has been detained since February 2012 in the prison of La Mesa, on this frontier, for the crime of rape against her.

He said that for four months her mother forced her to have sex with different men, some settlers, and others coming from outside, in exchange for money, and when he resisted was physically assaulted with a belt.

The mother was under arrest and made available to appropriate authorities, while the lowest are in the facilities of the Comprehensive Unit Family Protection.

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Arrested for stealing Tecate Beer; just thirsty man!

two roberto


Tecate beer. Picture taken by me.

Tecate beer. Picture taken by me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arrested for stealing Tecate Beer; just thirsty man!

The arrest of the suspects happened this morning in the Del Norte.

Monterrey, NL-After the indicated as those from entering a convenience store and took an 18 pack of Tecate, two men were arrested by members of the Police Monterrey.

Before the authorities arrested were identified as: Arturo Rodriguez Quezada, 21 years old, who said to be domiciled in the municipality of Apodaca, and Joseph Martinez Rangel of 22 years.

The incident took place at 01:00 hours on Monday, inside one of the Seven Eleven store, which is located at the intersection of Guerrero and Sanchez Azcona Avenue in the Del Norte.

The business manager, named Martin Gonzalez 25-year-old told police that the detainees now entered the store as customers, but they took a 18 pack of Tecate and ran, why support requested a unit that flowed by.

The officer Sergio Martinez, commander of the unit 366, was in charge of making the arrest of Rodriguez Martinez Quezada and Rangel, outside the convenience store with stolen proceeds.

The detainees were transferred to facilities Alamey Police Operations Center, where they were available to the authorities.

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8 people involved in clandestine graves in Nuevo Leon arrested

8 people involved in clandestine graves in NL arrested

The mass graves were discovered at kilometer 12 of the road connecting China with Tamaulipas Mendez

Eight people, who are indicted for their alleged involvement in clandestine graves located in the municipality of China, were arrested on Monday.

The Attorney General’s Office in the state dictated restriction order to Armando Lozano Lopez, 25 years old, Orlando Sanchez Garcia, 20, Antonio Salazar Castillo, 35, and Ricardo Gómez Mendoza 32.

Rounding out the list: Luis Alberto Garza, 46, Alexander David Garcia Perez, 19, Damian Felipe Gonzalez Gonzalez, 34, and Aurelio Garza Perez, 24.

Notably, they were captured last Thursday by soldiers for their alleged involvement in illegal acts.

The mass graves were discovered at kilometer 12 of the road connecting China with Mendez Tamaulipas.

Although initially there was talk of the existence of 5 unmarked graves, it was reported that nine with as many bodies.

The crimes that are imputed to them: murder, organized crime and against the safety of the community.

As stated in the arrests warrant the accused are remanded for 30 days in the jail of the State Investigation Agency while being investigated.

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Ricardo Gonzalez Olguin aka ET leader of Los Zetas in Zacatecas captured

ET the leader of Los Zetas in Zacatecas captured


Ricardo Gonzalez Olguin

Ricardo Gonzalez Olguin arrested

The federal police arrested Ricardo Gonzalez Olguin, alleged leader of criminal group square in the town of Guadalupe

ZACATECAS, Federal Police arrested Ricardo Gonzalez Olguin aka “ET”, alleged leader of the Los Zetas cartel in the town of Guadalupe, when they were on a tour of surveillance in the community of San Ramon.

The suspected member of organized crime supposedly is 36 years old and having under his charge was a group of assassins and drug dealers and racketeers, reported officials.

Confirmed that the arrest of Gonzalez Olguin came on Wednesday and traveled under armed guard in a gray Ford pickup, Expedition unmarked type, in which he attempted to flee and collided with a wire fence in this township

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Mexico City- Federal Police arrest the founder of the band The Zodiac

Elements of the PF stopped at the Iztapalapa neighborhood Hank Gonzalez Mario Vallarta Cisneros, aka “El Chaparro ‘

MEXICO CITY, May 1. – Elements of the Federal Police detained in the colony Hank Gonzalez Mario Iztapalapa Vallarta Cisneros, considered the founder of the band of kidnappers known as The Zodiac, along with three of its employees who formed the band also of The Vallarta .

Federal Police sources point out that Mario Vallarta Cisneros, aka El Chaparro began in 2001 with his brother Israel Vallarta Cisneros to the crime of kidnapping and founded the organization of the Zodiacs partially dismantled in 2005 with the arrest of Israel Vallarta and Marie Louise Florence Cassez.

With the arrest of Israel Vallarta, Mario continued to lead the organization in which they served as leader and was responsible for coordinating the logistics of kidnapping and negotiating the purchase of the victims.

According to the intelligence community of the Federal Police, Mario Vallarta usurping functions of authorities for kidnapping, also in stealing the pass codes/keys who had data that was carrying the cash payroll of different companies

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Rome Italy- 44 arrested in largest mafia crackdown in recent times!


location of Campania region in Italy
location of Campania region in Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indicated that in the operation were also confiscated goods worth 10 million euros (about $ 13 million)

ROME, April 24. – A total of 44 people accused of belonging to a clan of the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia, was arrested today in several regions of Italy, the police reported.

Indicated that in the operation were also confiscated goods worth 10 million euros (about $ 13 million).

The detainees were accused of belonging to the clan of the Camorra Belforte, considered the strongest after the Casalesi.

According to investigators, the women had taken a leading role within the criminal organization.

They said that the wives of several “capos” imprisoned in recent years had a role as “trustees” in the mafia clan, managing and promoting the illicit proceeds of criminal activity.

Inquiries indicated that began two years ago, during which the police, financial guard and body of police were able to reconstruct the organization of the clan.

According to sources, the Belforte crime family acquired so much power that in the 90′s forced the Casalesi clan of the Camorra’s most powerful, to establish a non-belligerence pact on the distribution of profits derived from extortion in the province Caserta.

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